Swifty the greyhound where is my Pie?


Swifty the greyhound is a retired champion with a nose like a prune who steals pies and Vegemite and loves to dance. She's had a tough life but what makes her happy? And will she run away? Find out in this charming, funny picture book suitable for children of all ages, but especially 3- 7 year olds. 10% of the proceeds go to a charity which rehomes retired greyhounds.

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Swifty the Greyhound where is my PIE?

Brogo Books



I loved it. I am buying one for my grandaughter.

Whippet owner

The pictures are lovely and so quirky. Swifty shines through. I hope she got a treat for being such a star!

Greyhound owner

What a character Swifty is!

It's so good to know that retired greyhounds - who are after all working dogs - can find a happy life after racing

My neighbour



Marilyn Chalkley is a writer and Arts publicist who lives in Canberra with  her husband and Swifty the rescue greyhound. Before Swifty she owned a number of dogs, mostly kelpies. She cannot believe how different  greyhounds are.


Swifty is a gentle retired greyhound who won 14 races at an average of 66km an hour. She loves pies and baguettes, cannoli and roast beef.  She likes to nick them when no-one is looking. She loves to spend the day snoozing on the sofa but always dances when her owners come home.


Jane Ostler is a painter and illustrator from the U.K.  She and her husband Paul dote on two Serengeti cats, Winnie and Teddy. She hopes that you have enjoyed this book and by doing so, have helped dogs like Swifty find a new and happy home. 


Wadbilliga Plateau from Brogo NSW


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